IEDMS 2017 will be held at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU).

Microelectronics & Information Research Center, NCTU

MIRC Building, NCTU, University Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 300, ROC
TEL: 886-3-5712121

Parking Space

  1. 交大校內停車證:會議當天可向報到處領取當天一次的校內免費停車證。如果是二天,第二天再領另一張(這些 Information 會在開會前,由系統寄給已註冊者一封 Email-last minute information)。
  2. 本地圖標示可以停車的位置,路邊有劃藍線為教職員停車範圍,請勿停車,否責會被開罰單。

Hotels Information

For attendees who need temperary stay in Hsinchu, see Hotels section.

Access to NCTU
Taiwan High Speed Railway (THSR)

Take off at THSR “Hsinchu Station”, and take transfer bus to “Guogou” (過溝) stop or by TAXI (running by meter), to NCTU campus.

Taiwan Railway (TRA)

Take off at TRA "Hsinchu Station", and walk 100m to city bus station, take No. 2 to the end stop at NCTU campus.

Hsinchu City Bus

Take off at “Guogo” (過溝) stop of route [Blue 1] or route [Blue], then walk along Daxue Road upward to NCTU.

Take off at “National Chiao Tung University” stop of route [2].

Other free way bus (e.g., Aloha bus) to “Aloha station” on University Road, then walk to the campus (200m).